“LXbD is about redefining the instructor-led training business model. We offer the best learning experiences, thought leaders, and facilitators on-demand, in the format, style, and cost you want and need. Live learning is not going away, but the outdated business model that has defined the learning and development industry is. LXbD provides high-quality L&D as a variable cost, ensuring flexibility for one of your most important cultural mechanisms and experiences”

—  Shane Green, founder of LXbD

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LXbD Benefits to You

  • LXbD serves as a single source for all ILT needs.
  • You only pay for productive time, not downtime nor development time.
  • You have access to the best trainers in the world—all of whom are certified and priced based on their experience and abilities.
  • You never pay to build content that becomes outdated or utilized only once. LXbD licensed content creators are constantly evolving their programs and modules to incorporate the latest research, business ideas, and learning techniques. You only pay for what you use.
  • You are not confined to long-term contracts with extensive cancellation fees. We understand circumstances change, business needs arise, and schedules need to evolve. You pay as you go for only the training delivered.  Cancellation fees are only assessed within a seven-day window.
  • Local trainers are available in most areas, ensuring no travel costs.
  • LXbD can deliver your orientation and in-house programs on your behalf.
  • Our trainers become your trainers. We onboard them into your brand and ensure each trainer develops a relationship, just like if they were your very own—but at a much lower cost.
  • We train your experts, managers, or employees to be involved in the training process. This partnership between your people and our trainers ensures credibility, flexibility, cost savings, and a better ILT experience.

Our Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences by Design (LXbD) provides live learning experiences on a variety of “soft” skills necessary in business today. You are able to choose from the most extensive database of live learning experiences (LX) to ensure you can offer the training your teams need. If you cannot find the LX you need, we will utilize our vast network of content designers to develop it at no cost to you.

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Our Trainers

Our trainers are carefully selected from all over the world to offer a diverse yet engaging selection of facilitators and trainers to lead your learning experience. A certification process led by world-renowned speaker and trainer, Shane Green, ensures that only the very best trainers are available for you. Trainers can also facilitate your orientation, leadership development, and any in-house programs.

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Michelle DiTondo, CHRO MG / M Resorts International
Kelcey B. Marr - HR Manager / World Link Media
John Kafka / CEO of DocuSpring Inc