LX: Crisis Leadership

We are continuing to deal with the compounding effects of major crises and events simultaneously throughout 2020 and beyond. And, when we add the additional ongoing stress and challenges of maintaining and elevating company and individual performance, it is a lot. Most frontline leaders are being asked to handle their own anxieties and that of their teams with little to no support or training. This series of LXs is designed to help managers and supervisors build resilience, manage stress, and connect with their teams like never before in uncertain times.

LXs available for:

  • Virtual and in-person presentations
  • Times vary according to each thought leader’s requirements

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Learning Experiences

7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis

LXbD Presents, Dr. Elia and Coach Kon with “7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis”

Leading with Empathy

LXbD Presents, Gina McAndrew with “Leading with Empathy”

Leadership Resilience

LXbD Presents, John Baldoni with “Building Your Leadership Resilience and Elevating Performance in a COVID-19 World”

“Transforming Trauma through Connection”

LXbD Presents, Jean-Marie Jobs with “Transforming Trauma through Connection”

“Grace under Pressure”

LXbD Presents, John Baldoni with “Grace under Pressure”

“Lead with Purpose”

LXbD Presents, John Baldoni with “Lead with Purpose”

Ben Smith

President & CEO of Intelitech Employment Services

John Kafka

CEO of DocuSpring Inc

Yulia Bogdanova

Director of HR, Savoy Resort & Spa