LX: Culture

Culture is the collective hearts, minds, and attitudes of a group of people. How people feel about what they do and for whom they do it is at the heart of how people will perform at work. LXbD has some of the best minds in the organizational culture space that offer modules and content to help you build a better culture or better engage your managers in the various mechanism proven to impact the employee experience at your organization. Our modules cover a variety of topics, including understanding culture and how it impacts an organization, the leader’s role, how to utilize values, improve selection, welcome new employees better, coach more exactly, communicating to understand, and how to have a variety of conversations that matter. Select the LX that your managers need now to improve your organization’s employee experience.

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Kelcey B. Marr

Human Resource Manager, World Link Media

Ben Smith

President & CEO of Intelitech Employment Services

John Kafka

CEO of DocuSpring Inc.