LX: Leadership

Leadership is about the ability to inspire your team’s hearts and minds through a series of learned habits and behaviors. Part of the LXbD commitment is to deliver content from some of the world’s most respected thought leaders to help elevate the leadership skills of frontline supervisors and managers everywhere. LXbD offers one of the most diverse and insightful collections of modules to help leaders be more inspirational and effective, ultimately compelling people to want to be their best and do what needs to be done.

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Learning Experiences

Engaging in Difficult Conversations

LXbD Presents, Jean-Marie Jobs with “Engaging in Difficult Conversations”

Empathetic Listening in the Workplace

LXbD Presents, Jean-Marie Jobs with “Empathetic Listening in the Workplace”

Leading with Empathy

LXbD Presents, Michael Worlton with “Leading with Empathy”

The Five C’s of Virtual Leadership

LXbD Presents, Shane Green with “The Five C’s of Virtual Leadership”

Commitment to Connection

LXbD Presents, Taylor Scott with “Commitment to Connection”

Coaching with Grace, Grit, and Intention

LXbD Presents, Taylor Scott with “Coaching with Grace, Grit, and Intention”

Kelcey B. Marr

Human Resource Manager, World Link Media

Ben Smith

President & CEO of Intelitech Employment Services

Thierry Grandshire

Managing Director, Grace Bay Club