LX: Team-Building

Developing strong teamwork is the goal of any business owner, manager, or coach. LXbD offers an array of team-building modules or sessions that can help bring teams closer together or develop certain skills together. Team-building activities can be designed for a variety of needs, group size, or level of activity

From indoor, small-group decision-making exercises to large group scavenger hunts and activities around the Las Vegas Strip, LXbD will ensure your team has fun, deepens relationships, and learns team-building essentials.

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Learning Experiences

Team Leadership

LXbD Presents, Shane Green with “Team Leadership”

Las Vegas Strip Scavenger Hunt

LXbD Presents, Shane Green with “Las Vegas Strip Scavenger Hunt”

John Higgins

COO, Cipriani

Ben Smith

President & CEO of Intelitech Employment Services

Kelcey B. Marr

Human Resource Manager, World Link Media