LX: Vision and Strategy

For organizations transforming to a new state, you need to have a clear and documented description of the current business, the desired future, and the values that will define how people should act and interact. With this in mind, learning experiences (LXs) are available to help determine your organization’s purpose and vision and develop values.

Organizations also need to develop strategies around company goals and the mission, how to improve the customer or employee experience, or how to navigate changes in the market successfully. We have designed LXs that utilize various frameworks and models to help guide your business through the processes of getting better, elevating performance, and achieving your objectives.

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Learning Experiences

Executive Leadership Retreat

LXbD Presents, Shane Green with “Executive Leadership Retreat”

Ben Smith

President & CEO of Intelitech Employment Services

John Kafka

CEO of DocuSpring Inc

Yulia Bogdanova

Director of HR, Savoy Resort & Spa