Our Approach

LXbD follows a defined approach to ensure your designed learning experience delivers the outcome you need—whether personal development, skill-building, team-building, or strategic planning.


Customers can access the LXbD portal and search through its database of content and trainers. Alternatively, customers can provide information about outcomes and performance needs into the portal that will allow the LXbD experts to customize the content and select trainers that best meet their needs. Some learning experiences require pre-experience surveys, data collection, or interviews. Based on this discovery phase, your customized learning experience is designed for you.


Prior to your event, participants will receive information that prepares them for their learning experience. Pre-work may include viewing videos, reading articles, considering questions, or completing pre-work. The purpose is to ensure participants arrive at the event ready to engage and contribute.

Learning Experience

LX by Design can customize experiences from 60 minutes for a keynote speaker to up to a week of immersive team-building, brainstorming, and strategic planning. Each experience includes customized content, activities, and learning all delivered by LXbD approved trainers and subject-matter experts.


Clients have access to their LX by Design portal, where their events content and follow up materials are available. Clients can send participants recaps of their learning experience, follow up articles and ideas, and media suggestions to support ongoing learning.


LX by Design recognizes that the key to habit transformation is the ongoing coaching from within the organization. LXbD provides coaching notes and tools to the direct managers of participants to provide ongoing learning and feedback. LXbD also offers ongoing coaching to an organization regarding their learning strategy and culture. One-on-one coaching is also available for executives and senior managers to assist with culture, strategy, and leadership transformation.