Professional Experience

Gina McAndrew is the president and owner of a training and consulting business and has over thirty years of experience. She is recognized as a leading resource for employee training and development and specializes in management, leadership, team-building, experiential, and customer service training. Gina’s clients increasingly rely on her not simply as a trainer, but also as a strategic partner who can help them achieve peak performance. Her ability to enhance employees’ leadership, team-building, sales, and customer service skills has drawn praise from both her clients and workshop participants who span a wide range of service-based industries.

Speaking Experience

As a professional trainer, Gina has been commended for her ability to connect with participants on an individual level and within a group workshop setting. She has an unmatched ability to simplify the learning process into easy-to-understand language and concepts, which help make employee skill-enhancement fun and enlightening.

 Education and Certifications

Gina graduated from William R Harper College and has earned the Certified Hospitality Administrator (CHA). She is also a certified life coach.

Connect with me

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